Stand Up Paddleboards

Great for, Sighteseeing & Healthy Outdoor Activity

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Are you looking for a fun water sport while visiting Cape Coral that is easy to learn, and serves as a full body workout? Here at Paradise Boat Rentals, we offer Paddleboard Rentals, one of the fastest growing water sports in Florida.

With a minimum of equipment, it’s an easy way to play in the water and The Wonders of Southwest Florida. Paddleboards allow you to easily explore, catch waves and get a great workout at the same time.

Paradise Paddleboard Rentals Boarding Tips

Want to try stand up paddle boarding? Just, follow these simple paddle boarding tips.

Paddleboards look like surfboards, but paddleboarding is very different from surfing. When surfing the primary objective is to catch a wave and ride it to shore. When paddleboarding the primary objective is to move from place to place in the water. As a result, paddle boards are generally larger than surfboards so as to be more stable.

How To Paddleboard

The only equipment you need to paddleboard is a board and a paddle. Paddleboards are on the expensive side so it is best to rent equipment in the beginning.

The first thing you will want to master is standing up and maintaining your balance on the board. To do this, start in a kneeling position in the center of the board. Then stand up, while staying in the center, keeping your feet wide and your weight equally distributed. Keep your feet flat and try not to grip the board with your toes as this can get uncomfortable. Your toes may even cramp. Like riding a bike, it is easier to maintain your balance on a paddleboard when it is moving than when it is stationary.

Once you’re standing, it’s time to practice paddling. If you have previous paddling experience, paddling a paddleboard isn’t much different. Basic strokes include propelling the board through the water and turning. Most people will scrape the side of the paddle board when they first start paddling. To avoid this, use extra wide strokes while you’re learning.

There are a number of different techniques (strokes) you can use to propel and turn your board. My advice is to experiment with different strokes to find the stroke that’s most comfortable for you, and practice. Before you know it, you’ll be a paddle boarding enthusiast.

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